Wzory Listów od Św. Mikołaja

Dear imię dziecka!

Are you're ready for Christmas?
I watched you all year and I can safely say that you're unusual.
I'm very proud of you! imię dziecka, you are a model for other kids, and since you were very polite, I have for you a special gift.
Mrs. Claus has prepared for us specialy Christmas sweets - a variety of cakes and cookies. I must admit that I love to eat, which is undoubtedly the reason for my rounded belly. Yum, yum ..., all those Christmas treats are delicious! Moreover, how would I look like without my big belly? Probably, children wouldn?t recognize me.
I already have prepared Christmas gifts for all well-behaved children around the world and soon I'll be packing the sleigh. My little elves really helping me. Reindeer are also ready to go. Rudolf said he will go to you first, because Your behavior deserve to get a gift as soon as possible.
I ask you just before bedtime you do not forget to leave me a glass of milk and some cookies. For sure I will be very hungry when I get to you. From the North Pole to Your home carries a long way, and besides, You know me - I'm a gourmand.
Now I must return to my duties, that no child is without a present.
But before I finish this letter, I want you to know, dear imię dziecka that You are a very special person for me and Santa Claus really loves you!
On Christmas evening, go to bed early, and I surely visit you!

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