Wzory Listów od Św. Mikołaja

Dear, imię dziecka!

At the beginning - we greet you, long time not heard about you.
How time flies ... Until recently, you were a little girl in a pretty dress, and now, please - amazing with your woman - beautiful, intelligent, brilliant!
A lot has changed at you. However, it is something that is not necessarily a positive change. imię dziecka, my elves reported to me that you stopped believe in me. Is this true? I hope they are wrong and you, my dear, you know that I exist, just as you knew it, when you were a little girl. Maybe you want some proof? What is this? The journey to Paris, vacation in the Bahamas, gold credit card, or maybe a nice tet-a-tet with George Clooney or a meeting with the entire football representation of Spain? (This last is just a big dream of Mrs. Santa Claus ...)
I assure you that with me it?s not to be trifled with. You say (or rather write) and you have what you want! Remember all these gifts that you have got so far? At this year's Christmas you can count on a great gift too.
But remember - gifts are given only good girls? And you, were you polite? My observers say that throughout the year you were exemplary and deserve straight to my visit. You have worked solidly, bravely fighting against temptations and you fared with reality very well.
So what, my dear? You should go and write a list of stars wishlist, and I go back to my work, because I want this one December night everything went according to plan.
imię dziecka, remember - faith works wonders, especially faith in the Santa Claus!

Happy Christmas and New Year's party after the champagne!

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