Wzory Listów od Św. Mikołaja

Dear imię dziecka!

Some children do not believe in Santa Claus. Recently I heard that you are one of them. I am very sad because I really exist!
I live and work here - at the North Pole! I live with Mrs. Claus at Santa Claus house. Our house is a year-round Christmas ornaments decorated, and the window is still visible powdery snow. Around the house we also have Christmas lights that illuminate our way. We love Christmas and a wonderful atmosphere, so the whole year in our hut resound with carols and other christmas melodies.
I would like you to visit us at the North Pole and you could see that really exist. I know it's unlikely, but our life sometimes surprises us - you have to dream and wait for the impossible, and then, who knows, maybe you come to us. Believe me, here is beautiful and certainly you would like it!
Me and my wife, we are not the only inhabitants of the Arctic Circle. Accompany us brave reindeer, and a bit unruly, but very helpful and lovely elves. Rudolph and other reindeer live together in the stable, where the heat and get very good food! Elves and work hard all year in our Santa Claus Gifts Factory to produce toys for all well-behaved children around the world! Every year they have more work, because children's tastes are changing and every year children are asking in their letters for other gifts. We try to make everyone what they want.
I know, imię dziecka, that you do not believe in me, but Santa knows what you wanted to get for Christmas and I?m working on it! Be vigilant, and I certainly comes soon!
Meanwhile, I greet you cordially and wish you to believe in yourself and finally believed in me!

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